Makes me feel warm at home.


A Fine Catch

A fine catch of lovely vintage patterns. Just a few from a job-lot found at a car-boot sale a few months back.

Not only a whole shoe-box full of these gorgeous babies, but a bin-bag full of vintage fabrics too!

I miss my car-boot Sunday mornings, but the weather just won't permit it at the moment.

I feel some drawings coming on!


'You've got to pick a pocket or two...'

It was Victorian Day at school for Ava.

Of course little sister also wants to dress up.

Now Iris refuses to take off the flat cap, it's her new obsession!



I know it was ages ago, but here we are - I love sparklers at any time of the year!



If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

And he didn't look very happy that we were there!!

Halloween #1

A walk in the woods with fellow ghouls!
A spooky supper of Blood & Guts with Witches Fingers, followed by Blood Clots and Pus!!
Thankyou lovely Suzy X