Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

What an incredible, beautiful voice Robin Pecknold has.

If you haven't heard Fleet Foxes, I urge you to, it's an amazing album.


I want !

I want it all!
Not just the clothes, but the house too please :)

All from Toast


Last days of Summer

It's almost time to say goodbye.....

.....but before I do.....

Damson's from my sister's garden

Our last strawberries :(

Brickendon Fete

So Summer - goodbye, farewell.....until next year X


Lovely Finds

Some lovely car boot sale & charity shop finds.


Favourite Film

This is my favourite film, ever.

This is film as art.

Incredibly beautiful.


Sweetest Tiniest Lizard!

Just wanted to share with you the sweetest tiniest lizard I ever did see!!

The luckiest too - I saved it from the blades of my shears, so thankful I spotted it in time - don't think I would have EVER got over accidentally murdering such an adorable little bubba! Especially as the children were there - could you imagine?!

Of course they wanted to keep it as a pet :)
(If I'm honest, I did a bit too)

But we let him run free - well, under the decking anyway.........

Maybe he'll come & visit next summer ..........?


Holiday Happiness


I just started my little blog, & then I disappeared!

We took our little family for a holiday in beautiful Brixham in Devon.

Natural tattoo


A dinky one

Slightly bigger

Oops! Dropped it!

Funny fluffy penguin!

Spooky lobster pots at night

Alien face in the rocks!

Mmm, move to the seaside & open a shop.....?