Sweetest Tiniest Lizard!

Just wanted to share with you the sweetest tiniest lizard I ever did see!!

The luckiest too - I saved it from the blades of my shears, so thankful I spotted it in time - don't think I would have EVER got over accidentally murdering such an adorable little bubba! Especially as the children were there - could you imagine?!

Of course they wanted to keep it as a pet :)
(If I'm honest, I did a bit too)

But we let him run free - well, under the decking anyway.........

Maybe he'll come & visit next summer ..........?


  1. I came across your blog after reading a comment you left for Naomi on Rockstar Diaries. I have to say that is a very cute lizard, and I never pass up an opportunity to befriend a fellow Ashlee! Your blog is adorable. Thanks for letting me stop by.

  2. Hi! What a cute little Lizard.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love finding new ones to read. Especially when there are such adorable creatures to be seen :)


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