Elephants & Cow Parsley

Quick - head over to Flora's wonderful blog - she is having a most fantastic giveaway!!
So many beautiful pieces to choose from - I fell in love with him!

Also thanks to Flora I have found yet another way to spend far to much time glued to the laptop - Picnik!!


Sunday Song

This is straight from my childhood - my sisters & I grew up listening to these songs.

Then, as often happens, years go by, things get lost along the way. & Only years later, I came across the LP and as soon as that scratchy sublime sound flooded out of my record player I was straight back there, in my childhood home singing along with my sisters.

Now these songs are part of the landscape of my children's childhood, and that gives me a warm, if not somehow melancholy feeling.

I like this line of continuity, linking my parents, myself & my own children - I wonder if it will carry through the next generation?

(*Please click through to YouTube - the one I selected was Some Velvet Morning - you could choose any they are so beautiful, but the video for this is just amazing X*)