Sunday Song

This is straight from my childhood - my sisters & I grew up listening to these songs.

Then, as often happens, years go by, things get lost along the way. & Only years later, I came across the LP and as soon as that scratchy sublime sound flooded out of my record player I was straight back there, in my childhood home singing along with my sisters.

Now these songs are part of the landscape of my children's childhood, and that gives me a warm, if not somehow melancholy feeling.

I like this line of continuity, linking my parents, myself & my own children - I wonder if it will carry through the next generation?

(*Please click through to YouTube - the one I selected was Some Velvet Morning - you could choose any they are so beautiful, but the video for this is just amazing X*)


  1. i think music is so powerful, and i have had my children grow up listening to the songs i heard as child. its a lovely gift to your children. thank for sharing:)

  2. Hello Laura,
    It is a lovely gift, isn't it - and now my daughter is getting older, it's her who introduces me to new things that being an old fogey may have passed me by!! XX

  3. Oh we have that record too, on vinyl. Thank you for reminding me :)


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