My Lovely Diana

The first roll of film from my Diana camera.

My sister's wedding.

Wasn't even sure if the camera would work.

How I've missed real film; don't know why I stayed away so long.


  1. What lovely evocative photos. "How do you earn a life going on behind closed windows?" says Carol Anne Duffy and this is that same sort of fleeting glimpse at what the film effect makes seem a more intense privacy.

  2. how utterly gorgeous are these? you must be very chuffed.

  3. These are indeed very, very lovely, so atmospheric. It's funny, as I blogged recently on the same subject-although the object of my affections is a vintage Yashica 35-ME. I too have now completely fallen back in love with film!

  4. wow, they look so vintage. a Diana is toppermost on my birthday list and these photographs make me want one even more!

  5. wooow....where can I get one? is she an expensive camera? :/

  6. i have a roll in my holga- so scared to take it out

  7. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments X
    I've wanted a Diana or Holga for ages, and found this one on good old e-Bay - for £20!!! Mine is one of the old 1960's ones, which is why I wasn't sure if anything would come out!

    Mise - that's a lovely quote, which poem is that from?

    Francesca - thanks, I am!!

    Suzie - thankyou - I will have to check-out your vintage camera :)

    Nath - you won't be dissapointed - I was SO excited when I picked up my film from the developers!!

    Roxy Marj - Lomography have reproduction Diana's for about £50, and they sell them now in Urban Outfitters! Personally, I love the second-hand bargain search!! Look out for Holgas too :)

    Dallas - take it out, take it out!!!



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