Tree & Biscuits

We got the tree today.

Made some biscuits, but forgot to put a hole in for the ribbon.

It was hard, but we had to eat them instead of hang them!

Will make more tomorrow .

(Sorry for bad quality photos - only had my mobile to hand.)

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Visit her because her work is just beautiful.


  1. They look delicious and so charming. Make sure you forget the holes again.

  2. These do look yummy.

    I'm making some for our tree at home but I'm holding out till this weekend as they will be gone in no time! Haha

  3. Thanks Mise, and I do believe this mistake may be repeated a few more times yet!!

    Pennycones, no they didn't last long, think I'll have to hang them high on the tree, out of reach of little grabbing fingers!!
    And if they do disappear I will know who to blame!!

  4. Lovely, looks yummy.
    I love the pics of the children in front of the fireplace.

    Regards from Katarina in Sweden


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