Welcome 2010

The woods looked beautiful on this first day.

Frost on the bracken, low sun & long shadows.

Then chips in the pub (so cold & hungry forgot to take photos!)

And home for coffee, and hot milk for the children.

And sobbing on the sofa at Dr Who :(

I wish you all much happiness for the coming year, thank-you to all of those who visited me here, and those who left comments, I really am thrilled at each one I receive.


  1. I love your shadows, so tall they too could be trees. Happy 2010!

  2. lovely photos ashlee....the super best of luck for a fun and creative year ahead ....yay ! :)

  3. That is a pretty perfect day to me :)

  4. my goodness these pictures are beautiful! im such a sucker for the woods :D

  5. Thoes photos taken in the woods are gorgeous! I love the shadows :)

  6. lovely woods. the stag is magnificent.

    i cried a little at Dr Who too. it was Bernard Cribbins that did for me!

    happy new year Ashlee!

  7. Thank you everyone for your lovely messages :)))

    I do love a ramble in the woods, am looking forward to a sunny Spring so we can dawdle a bit more - It's sooo cold we do rush through a bit!

    Yes Nath, lovely old Bernard -& the Doctor shouting "I don't want to go!" - too sad!


  8. This forest is AMAZING! What beautiful light you captured with your camera. Happy New Year :)


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