Wish We Were There

A few months ago, by the sea.
Wish we were there now - it's been rain, rain, rain!

Many thanks to Nath at the lovely Le Petit Oiseau for showing me the way to show my photo's larger - finally!!


  1. So pretty! We're about to go to the beach, and I can't wait!

  2. i love it! the bigness, the sea:)

  3. Thanks, it's finally warmed up here now, am looking forward to the end of the school so we can get back to the sea! X

  4. these pictures are baeutiful. I am completely jealous too, even if the weather here in Philly is too sunny/hot.

  5. Lovely photos! I rememeber most of my childhood holidays perching on a rock just like that collecting interesting stones and shells. We're off to Tenby next week, fingers crossed for some sun! x


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