Close by the studio is a brilliant Oxfam bookshop, which has a great selection of art books, so I often find myself being lured inside. I found this one a couple of months back, whilst still in the grips of a freezing winter.

I've always loved Egon Schiele's paintings, but didn't know much of his life story. I was shocked to learn that he died from the Spanish Influenza at the age of 28!

Twenty-eight! - such an amazing body of work, by that age - so sad to think of how much more he could have achieved - what a loss.

So the studio is gradually filling up - up until recently it has been so, so cold in there, my trusty heater has been my favourite companion (alongside Radio 4, of course!).

It has been lovely to finally have a space of my own, I just long for more time in there - I miss it when life calls.

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  1. " i miss it when life calls" such a spot on observation...i know how this feels,but, always remind myself that i am fortunate to have the inclination to create and a place to do so. many are unsure of how they want to spend spare time...i always know exactly where i want to be:in the studio making anything:)


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