My lovely man took me to a really beautiful coffee house today ♥
It had such a beautiful interior, I particularly loved the 80 year old mirror, & our reflection in the lightbulb above us :)

Oh, and I changed my hair from blonde to red last night - it was time for a change :)


  1. Hi,
    Looking from my rural environment (in Norway), where coffee houses are nowhere to be found, that first image really made me want to go. Immediately! Love the atmosphere, and the pictures.
    Lovely weekend,

  2. There's nothing more fun than hanging out at a cafe, I could do it all day.

  3. Hello Lilli!
    Lovely to find you here again :)))

    I would love to share a coffee here with you - but equally I would adore visiting you in your beautiful land, your beautiful photographs are always so magical Xx

  4. Hi Hila,

    I wholeheartedly agree with you there - it's one of my favourite pastimes!
    As well as feeding my coffee addiction, I love people watching too :)


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