I'm still alive!

There I am in my grubby mirror.

It's been a bit chaotic around here; I was disorganised before having children, so now I find myself with three (how did that happen?!!) the household is quite often in anarchy.

I loved a bit of anarchy in my younger, carefree days - however when you're the one having to tidy up the carnage, it's not quite the same.

I've still been reading & loving all the beautiful blogs, but find myself recently, more & more, wondering how you all do it?!

So in the interests of balance, here is my chaos.

It's the piles of 'stuff' that gets me!
Well, you didn't think I was going to show you the really grubby stuff, did you?
Maybe when I know you a little better :)

Oh, by the way, something wonderful happened to me in Blogland during the Summer - I won my first very special Giveaway! It's *beautiful* and I shall tell all in my next post.....


  1. And yet it's still cute chaos ;-)

  2. Ahh this looks like my home... little piles just about in every space available! Hahaha



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