The Beauty I Chose ♥

I seem to have abandoned this old blog of mine. I really would like to be here more often, so hello again!!

A long, long time ago (August!) I won a most beautiful giveaway - lucky, lucky me!!
Hosted by the wonderful Lisa on her beautiful blog Pennycones.

Lisa's fantastic giveaway was a print of choice by her lovely, amazingly talented friend Kayleigh Radcliffe.

Here is the beauty I chose ♥

Oh, isn't it so beautiful!!

I was so thrilled & excited to win & receive a piece of Kayleigh's work, and have given it pride of place in my home.
I look at, and love it, more & more every day :)

So a great BIG thank you to Kayleigh & Lisa, for being so generous XXX
And a HUGE apology to them both for being SO late in blogging about my special win - I really do love it so much XXX

Please pop over to visit them if you don't know them already, you'll be very happy you did :)))


  1. Hey!

    What a great choice you made :D

    Don't worry about the delay in thanking us, I'm just as bad and I'm sure Kayleigh will agree with that for her too! Hahaha

    I hope you have a fantastic Christmas with your family and hope to see you in the new year!

    Lots of love
    p.s. kayleigh now has a little etsy shop :)

  2. Hello Cecilia, isn't it wonderful :)

    Thanks Lisa, happy for Kayleigh & her shop - will pop over Xx


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